Jen’s bump watch: 8 months


O.M.Gee… 8 months and I’m still squeezing in that same ol’ tight workout gear. I have one more month left until I can start having high hopes of posting photos of myself in that outfit minus a couple of pounds lighter… So I’m still pregnant. The Holidays have been very mean to me. I wasn’t able to work out for 2 weeks as I was hit with a major cold right before Christmas and while on vacation in Mexico, I brought back a gastro bug as a kind reminder of my stay there. With that said, the countless Xmas dinners and mexican all-you-can eat buffets had no effect on me as I didn’t gain a single pound:( But, the giant belly is in full effect! I was able to get back to my workout routine for the last 2 weeks and I can assure you that The Belly is definitely in the way…I’m still able to do all the moves and follow the group but I would say that my stamina is declining, my transition time from going up and down is slower and I have to work much harder than the rest to stay balanced. The good side is that minus The Belly, the rest of my body has not been affected by my pregnancy as I remained relatively small, I’m still able to enjoy my boxing classes, the baby is A-1, I feel A-1, I’m not swollen at all, I don’t feel any pain and I sleep like a baby ( the ones that sleep through the night and not colicky ones:). Sadly, I will soon have to retire from my boxing days ( in 2 weeks? maybe?) as I’m close to the finishing line but I do plan on staying active until the day I give birth! In the meantime, I’m getting used to all the stares at the gym of the pregger boxer but  I take it as a compliment and I wear my fit pregger moma medal with a lot of pride!

Nutrition wise, aside from the 2 weeks during the Holidays where I wasn’t able to eat much and whatever I ate wasn’t that great ( Tourtière? yes please! Tarte au sucre? one more piece please, chicken burritos? Por favor), I’m keeping up with a balanced diet where I eat whenever I’m hungry and everything is in moderation even donuts:) I have not been affected by those crazy pregnancy cravings ( aka Cheetos dipped in nutella at 3 am) nor do I eat more than usual. Although, this week, there is the unwelcome/welcome presence of a family value pack of peanut M&M at home and I can’t stop eating them!! I got the baby’s room ready, my late prenatal class booked, my late maternity photoshoot booked, my late baby shower next week and my hospital bag somewhat packed, Jen is almost ready to nest. That’s my update for the month!

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